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Sustainable Electrical Services

The focus on the environment and the reduction of our carbon footprint has increased dramatically within recent years, especially with the rise in energy costs. Sustainability and sustainable electrical options have been at the forefront of our business from day one, with a selection of services to assist businesses throughout the UK in maximising their electrical efficiency.

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At Complete Electrical Service's, we offer a full Solar PV package, from the initial design through to installation, concluded with comprehensive after sales support. There are two main factors to consider when installing panels to see your return on investment and these are…

1. How much electricity you consume annually in your property or premises.

2. The rate at which you pay for a kWh(£). If both of these figures are high then it would be most definitely beneficial to install solar PV. We have a vast experience in Solar PV with thousands of installations across the UK, our highly experienced team will  offer detailed advice as well as a tailored quote.

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At Complete Electrical Services, we are here to assist you with all your EV charging needs, ensuring you get the most cost-effective charger, that is suitable for your requirements. Our solutions can provide real time and detailed reporting, providing you with data on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis which is essential for businesses, when dealing with employee billing and reimbursement. We have been installing EV Chargers for many years within the local area and for businesses across the County, giving us years of experience within this field, making us the reputable choice for your charging needs.

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LED lighting uses significantly less energy than traditional lighting as well as having a longer lifespan and requiring less maintenance. Utilising an LED lighting systems over and above conventional lighting, also causes less strain to your eyes which can result in tiredness and headaches. Converting your current lighting system or installing a new lighting system, not only saves energy but assists in the wellbeing of your staff, which is why many businesses are switching to LED. We boast a wealth of experience with the design and installation of lighting systems within the commercial and industrial sectors, assisting businesses across the UK with reducing their energy costs.

For all your electrical needs, contact our team of friendly advisors who are on hand to assist with your enquiry.

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Voltage stabilisations and regulation is a continuously monitoring of the incoming mains, assessing any increase or decrease of voltage which can damage to machinery resulting in a cease of productivity, repair costs or replacement machinery required. By monitoring the voltage stabilisation, we can determine any rectification work required to ensure the correct amount of power is being fed to the machines both reducing the risk of faults and maximising the energy efficiency. For many years, we have assisted businesses within the industrial and commercial sectors with voltage stabilisation and regulations gaining us years of experience within these settings.  

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